Grossly Abundant Life

Definition of abundant

  1. 1a :  marked by great plenty (as of resources) <a fair and abundant land>b :  amply supplied :  abounding<an area abundant with bird life>

  2. 2:  occurring in abundance : ample <abundant rainfall>

    Courtesy of Merriam-Webster

Living in middle-class America, life can definitely be considered full of abundance: ample food, ample clothes, ample shelter, books, activities, opportunities–the list goes on. But what does that mean to me? I have plenty things and experiences but what about life? Is there ample life?

I come from material abundance, never really needing more than I have and living comfortably with more than enough. Sure, the college years on my own were rough but I never went hungry, was never cold or without shelter, never thought I didn’t have what I needed to survive. I didn’t have an abundance of things necessarily but I still had an abundance of life.

Life can be defined as “the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body” of course, but also “the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual” and “a way or manner of living,” or livelihood. So an abundance of life encompasses plenty of vitality, many experiences and a generous way of life. This is what the Grossly Abundant Life is about. Ample life experiences and generous ways of life.

And grossly?  It means very or extremely, but also it’s just because I’m a Gross. Join me as I share my Grossly Abundant Life.


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