Make Monday Easier


Mondays are hard. I’m not sure why exactly but I have a feeling it may be partially self-inflicted. It’s almost an ingrained thought in every adult’s head—Mondays suck! Monday is the beginning of a new week, and everything and everyone is recovering from the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are usually busy at our house, and if they aren’t, it seems like they are anyways. We don’t have a traditional weekend so on the rare occasion both Jay and I are not working on a Saturday, we are most likely tearing into our house project or running all over creation visiting people and places that get neglected during the week. Then Jay works Sundays so it’ s just the boys and I. The day set aside for rest is almost always a down day in the sense that we rarely go anywhere except church, if we are lucky enough to get up and ready on time, but it’s also a get-caught-up-on-laundry-and-chores day. This means by Monday, it feels like there wasn’t even a weekend and yet it’s time to start another week.

What if we could make Mondays better? Easier or more fun or just more enjoyable? There are actually many ways to do this, from starting Mondays off on the right foot to having something to look forward to at the end of the day. This Monday is better than most for us. Jay is home today, and it’s good to just spend it together as a family. We are in the process of getting our homestead ready for the winter. It’s been several months now since we moved into Gross Château, and there is still so much that needs done! One big project we are about to tackle is the chicken coop. When we got our laying hens a few weeks ago, we stuck them in the chicken tractor we had on hand, and they are still there, cramped and unsettled. Since it’s going to be bitterly cold this coming weekend, we need to get them into something warmer. We’re building the coop out of pallet wood and accumulated odds and ends. Watch for a post about the finished project in the coming weeks.

Why make a chicken coop? I really love to make things, especially from scratch. While I’m usually making food, clothes, crafts, gifts, bath and body products, and the like, I’m apparently into making chicken coops too! Although it was hubby’s idea, I think I’m up for the challenge. Which brings me to a challenge for you: What can be done to make Monday easier? The whole point of the chicken coop tangent (besides giving a preview of what’s to come) was to point out that making a life is much more exciting and desirable than letting life happen. We could easily go out and buy a chicken coop (or food, clothes, gifts, et cetera) but that would not satisfy our craving for a made life, one tailored to our wants and needs. So when thinking about making Mondays easier, think of what you can do to tailor the day to get what you want out of it and not let it get what it wants out of you!

Live life love


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