Help Your Hump Day Be Well


How often do you hear someone lamenting about their health or well-being? Probably more often than you hear someone doing the opposite and celebrating their good health. It’s kind of like retail shopping – you are more likely to hear about a bad experience than a good one.

The fact is everyone is unwell from time to time, whether it’s a head cold or indigestion or something more serious such as kidney stones or cancer. Some things can be prevented and most things can be treated, usually in more ways than one. The dreaded holiday illness – you know, the unexplained sickness that always seems to pop up around the holidays–has been going through our family for the last couple weeks. Seems like one person starts with the head cold and spreads it to everybody else. And then the cycle keeps repeating itself. This is due partly to the stress, lack of sleep, sugary foods, and spreading of germs very common during the weeks of November and December. And if that’s not enough, the weather is really crappy and most people are stuck inside all day.

I’ll be totally upfront and admit we don’t go to the doctor, like ever. We just don’t see a need. Everybody is young and healthy, and we don’t need to pay a doctor to tell us that. Growing up, alternative medicine was the go-to and that’s carried over to my life now. It wasn’t too hard to get Jay on board either–one of the very first conversations we had when we first met was about the healing properties of garlic! Talk about romantic! We automatically reach for homeopathic remedies, essential oils, herbal teas, salves and balms, and healing food when disease and sickness hit. Instead of a family doctor, we visit our chiropractor. When I have a headache, I use accupressure and oils instead of reaching for the aspirin. There is something very satisfying about being able to help and heal yourself. Now, I’m not saying that we wouldn’t seek medical professionals for major illness or injury– it’s just that everyday discomforts and sickness is pretty easily treated at home. Take our holiday illness as an example: as soon as one of us started feeling sick, they got a dose of Hyland’s Ferrum Phosphoricum and some hot herbal tea. And garlic. Lots of garlic!

If treating illness at home sounds like something you would try, the best thing you can do is research, research, research! I always check into something before I try it, especially if it’s for J-Man or my boys. And if I find something that works really well, I tell everyone. So expect occasional sharing of home remedies! After all, why waste time and money on something you can fix yourself? Maybe we all should start sharing our self-help health experiences and there will be less lamenting!


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