Friday Fun in a Technological World


I have to admit, I’m slightly addicted to technology. I have to check Facebook every day, my phone goes with me everywhere, and if it doesn’t have buttons, I don’t know how to operate it (unless it’s a book). I depend on technology every day, and while I’m not really a “techie”, I do enjoy tinkering in techie stuff. I like trying new gadgets, building blogs and websites, problem-solving computer glitches, and so on. And, like many people, I’m probably a little too plugged in to technology. It is something that should work for and with you, not something that works against you and drags you down.

With all of the different apps, games, websites, and medias out there, it’s almost overwhelming. And it’s easy to see how people can get sucked in. Don’t agree? Do a Google search for anything and then look at the number of results. Agree now? How do we find exactly what we are looking for without getting sidetracked and sucked into the Internet black hole? It can be hard! It takes willpower and focus, right? And I don’t know about you, but I really need help with that sometimes!

Like you, I’m all about finding things on the web quickly and easily, and I love sharing tips and tricks to make life easier. New technology can be awesome at achieving that, and sometimes it is just a waste of time and resources. While I don’t know everything that is out there, and I’m not qualified to program your tablet and root your Andriod, I do want to share what I have found and what works for me. So you may occasionally find tech stuff here or you can follow my Facebook page for more.


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