Help Your Hump Day Stay Warm


There is this saying: If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes and it will change. While the timeline is not completely accurate, the saying holds true pretty often in the Midwest. Take this week as an example. On Sunday, it snowed. Monday, it rained. Tuesday, it snowed. Today, Wednesday, it’s cold. Tomorrow, Thursday, it’s supposed to be even colder, maybe zero. Friday, snow, and Saturday, rain–again. Nothing like three seasons in a week, right?!

Because winters can be this way all the time, every year, clear through April or May, Midwesterners have to come up with ways to stay warm and stay sane! It can be really depressing to experience three days of the-sky-is-falling raining mist and bitter cold then a day of mild temperatures and sunshine, just to be plunged back into dreary gray blahness. And it messes with your body too, having to wear a parka one day then sweating profusely the next because the parka is too much. And then what happens when the temperature drops and it starts snowing and you don’t have that parka? Writing this all down, it’s pretty easy to see why winter is so dreadful!

So how do you stay warm when the cold comes knocking?


I love our new house because our main source of heat is a wood burning stove, and nothing beats the heat from wood. Since the cold has really started setting in, it’s not unusual to see one of us sitting by the stove vent, basking in the wonderfulness that is forced hot air.

Hot Drinks

The only thing that makes soaking up the heat better is a cup of hot chocolate or tea or coffee. Jay and I are a little picky when it comes to hot beverages, so we buy these three things in bulk so we don’t run out, meaning there is always hot drink fixings on hand if not already made and ready to go.


Some sort of extra layer that can be easily thrown on is essential for wintertime. We have so many blankets and throws laying around the house, no one is ever cold! We even bought more for Christmas, just because I love blankets. My favorite is Kohl’s The Big One throw. We literally have more than half a dozen and use them every day. They are so soft and warm and comfy, and they seem to last forever! Even though they are my favorite, all blankets are awesome. And so are…

Sweaters, Sweatshirts, and Flannel

You can’t really wear a blanket while cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, or walking out to the garage to break the ice on the dogs’ water bowl, so there has to be a useful substitute. Enter sweats and flannel! I loved flannel so much at one point in my life that I wore it five days a week all winter. I have since expanded my wardrobe a bit but still don’t know of anything better than snuggling up in a cozy made-for-winter shirt. Except cozying up with Jay by the stove vent with a cup of hot chocolate, of course. Which, by the way, is extremely easy to make just how you like it from scratch. I gave up buying mix because it’s easier and cheaper to buy the plain baking cocoa powder, sugar, and milk, and just adding however much of each I’m in the mood for. But I digress.

What other ways do you keep warm and cozy during winter? Whatever your favorite way, make sure you indulge in it often, for it warms not only the body but also the soul.

Live life love.


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