Bring On the Change


No one likes change. Sure, some people claim to embrace it and thrive under it, but at the same time they cringe just a little inside because of it. I believe it is human nature. Change can affect people profoundly, leaving them changed themselves. It can make their life different, their views different, their feelings about a topic different, their outlook different. This difference can be good, or it can be bad. Maybe one of the scariest things about change is the unknown; how will this change affect me?

Spring is a great reminder of change. I’m not sure any of the other seasons bring on such a drastic transformation! In the Midwest, summer isn’t all that much different than spring, just usually warmer and drier. Autumn is a change from summer, but a gradual change since plants start dying off by late summer, birds begin disappearing for a warmer climate, the weather slowly becomes more dismal and temperamental. And then there’s winter, which this year was just a colder extension of autumn. But spring. Birds return, flowers bloom, and the earth just comes alive! Nothing presents a change of life like spring!

And this spring is especially full of change for our Grossly Abundant Life. We are diving into new ventures, tackling our house projects head on, and putting in our first permanent (!) garden. In our case, change is good, welcome, for the most part expected, and mostly exciting. But it also holds a slight trepidation: what if?

What ifs are one of life’s most depressing, frightening questions. What if I fail? What if I lose my job? What if I stutter during my speech? What if I never see my mom again? What if there’s no milk in the fridge? What if my vehicle runs out of gas because I forgot to fill up at the last exit? The list of what ifs can be endless. There are a ton of what ifs in life, especially when change is involved. What if I don’t like this change?

We are not psychics so we don’t know how change will affect us, our lives, or the people around us. You may get a new, drastic haircut tomorrow and hate it until your hair starts growing out. Other may also hate it (and maybe even let you know they do) and it may make some people look at you differently. You won’t know till it happens. BUT it won’t matter in the long-term because hair grows and it will eventually change into a different style. A lot of change evolves and emerges into change again. That’s life, good or bad. It’s not a constant. What is constant is the event of change--it will happen, we can’t stop it. What can we do? Embrace it, no matter how much we hate it, no matter how much it changes us, no matter how many what ifs are attached to it. Acknowledge it, embrace it, and move on. There is no use fighting change trying to get it to stop dead in its tracks–it most likely will still happen. Instead, work with the change, and make it work for you. By no means ditch your beliefs and cower underneath evil. That’s a different thing in itself. But when it’s a life change such as an unexpected pregnancy, sudden job change, someone calling out your worse flaw, a car crash resulting in whiplash and a new vehicle, or new haircut, try rolling with it and see the good, positive side of things instead of the frightening, anxious side. It will be better for you in the long run.

So stay tuned for updates about our changes. Good and bad, exciting and frightening, Jay and I are ready to embrace them head on!


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